HACCP- The purpose is the prevention and traceability, from the soil right until the consumers’ table
The HACCP concept, although some elements of the rational technology management has always had, evolved in 1970s, because of space travel is required for increased food safety requirements.
By this time, final product testing limitations have become apparent and more and more attention is turned to the production of food and food-related occupation and control regulation.
HACCP is a good production, distribution practices and good hygiene practice-based food safety risk management system, which can be used in itself or as part of a comprehensive quality assurance system. Its purpose is to prevent food-related infections, and to produce safe products by observing food-hygiene requirements, and to control activities related to food-safety.
Our company has been using HACCP and traceability system since 2006, which were developed and controlled by an external auditor.
Over the years, expanding sales and increasing partnerships made it necessary to continually improve and upgrade production technology, raw material and final product handling, full field of food safety and hygiene  are kept in the entire place of the factory and the warehouse.
As a result, we can pridefully say that our company is always succeed with all the external requirement audits since the formation, be they multinational supplier audits, or the strict quality requirements of Hungarian Quality Food brand associated with the Ministry of Rural Development, we could fulfil all these requirements.
Our procurements, manufacturing-, packaging-, transportation technology sufficiently meet  all the demands while fulfilling the highest requirements. Our products are traceable from the growing soil until the costumers’ table.