Our family concern is producing fresh, ready-to-eat sprouts with perfect quality from different grain- and vegetable seeds with water culture. These are the BIO CSIRI products.

Our main purpose is to intodruce these different,tasteful sprouts to more and more hungarian and foreign costumers, make them to start to like these little plants, get familiar with them, and give a bigger rule in daily nutrition to these healthy and tasty sprouts.

  • we only use materials which are microbiologically tested against infections
  • for sprouting we only use seeds that we buy partly from hungarian bio producers, partly from other EU member countries, and all are guaranteed bio rated seeds.
  • we buy materials with excellent quality from our biggest supplier for 5-10years
  • we wash the seeds before sprouting many times with planty water
  • our sprouting equipments are unique technology in Hungary, so we can serve the highest quality and quantity demands
  • our food factory has the HACCP system which guarantees the quality and tracebility, and our products are usually tested by Hungarian Food Safety Control in many cities of the country and by us as well
  • our great quality sprouts can be found in many vegetable fridges of foodstores chains, bio stores, and likely to appear in restaurants, hotels, schools and kindergarten more often nowadays.
  • BIO CSIRI products don’t contain any aggregates, pigment-and other artificial material.