Hungarian Quality Food

„KME” (Quality food from Hungary) mark is a special value for costumers, because the certification organization (in this case the the Ministry of Rural Development) does independent audits every year to control and guarantee safe products with high quality constantly, during the entire process of production.
In 1998, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Department created the „Quality food from Hungary” brand.
-    Highlights and emphatically distinguishes from the other products these „KME” products which meet high quality standards.
-    Informs and protects costumers: „KMÉ”, certificates special quality and gives information to the costumers before the purchase of the product, that the product is a controlled high-quality product, reliable and not only the manufacturers, but the certificating organization also is responsible for the qualification.  
-    It inspires the improvement of quality. Using the trademark has market advantages and this actuates the manufacturers to conscious quality policy, and to control and improve the quality    constantly.
-     Contributes to the overall development of consumer culture. With a differential product certification the demands of costumers can be increased deliberately and this strenghten the market orientation of the company, and the customer-centered food production.