Power of Nature


Sprouted seeds contain vital vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein, easily digestable carbohydrate and compounds.
The sprouts are rich in nutritional value, they are low in fat, contains many vitamins for example: A, B-comlex, C, D,E, G, K, U, minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphori, chlorophyl, potassium, natrium, silicon, selenium, iodine, and they can be found in the best utility form in the sprouts.

Fresh bio sprouts contains  also dozens of vitamins and minerals and helps our body organization to defeat tiredness and distress and gives protection against some disease. They enliven your body organization, strengthen the immune system, effective against stress, tiredness, hair falling and fragmented nails. Thanks to the antioxidants in them the ageing process is slowing down.


-    sprouts are excellent blood cleaners
-    helps with the detoxicating process
-    they stimulate the liver operation and digestion
-    general immune improvers
-    it contains compounds that decrease inflammation
-    they can solve muscle cramp
-    nerve tranquillizers
-    they help the body organization in a natural way

You only need a small amount of sprouts to reach the same amount of energy that you consume the whole grown plant or crop.
Beneath resistant ability and energy mobilization in daily nutrition, we would like to call the gourmands’ attention to this colorful product with an unusual taste and form.
Only our imagination is the limit to the exertion of fresh sprouts!
Except mung bean, don’t put the sprouts under heat impact, because they lose their appetizing color, taste and the valuable materials.
Excellent ornamental of Soups, garnish of main dishes or throw them on any type of sandwiches, or make salads with sprouts and other vegetables and sauce.
Sprouts give delicious taste and color to curd cheese and bowl of cheese. Mixed into yoghurt or  even into fruitshake (wheat sprout) they give a special taste to these food and a large amount of vitamin as well.