From beginning of June the name of Sango radish sprout was been changed to the name Rambo radish...
Health Week at the Kiskőrösi Evangélikus Középiskola -Petőfi Sándor Primery School.
Health Week at a primery school in Kiskőrös - with BIO CSIRI sprouts
Health Day at the hospital Jahn Ferenc
Last Saturday of March it was organized Health Day at the hospital Jahn Ferenc, in Budapest where the visitors could taste BIO CSIRI fresh organic sprouts too.
Grand Sport-selection Days – The Days of Sport
There are again BIO CSIRI sprouts at the Budapest Grand Sport-selection even
Day of healthy at the "Városligeti Primery school
The day of healthy was been set up on 30/04/2012 at the Hungarian-English Billingual Primery School. The children could get acquaitance with the importance of regulary sports and some healthy food, they could taste some BIO CSIRI sprouts of course.