„In the The European Union- so that in Hungary also- you only can sell an agricultural product as an organic product,  if it observes all the social and domestic laws and it is produced under the control of state authorities and has a certificate about these. „ – Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft.









How can you know that the food are bio products in reality?

During the control they get convinced about every agricultural stock arrived to factory has the reliable certifications about the organic origin. The bio marking has to appear on the bills and vouchers next to the goods, and the supplier has to own a certification about his right to deal with bio products.

Bio product is a synonime for organic product, which means that the product was prepared from materials without chemicals, and beneath the production the grower or producer only used biologically dissolving or natural materials. It is forbidden to use transgenic organisms or derivatives of them. Moreover the soil in which the seeds were raised, wasn’t treated with chemicals in the last three years.

Except of mungbean sprout all the BIO CSIRI sprouts are